Capsule Container Klia2

The perfect place for frequent travelers


Soundproofed container rooms at a fraction of hotel price

Container Bar

Captivating design yet enviromental friendly


Conveniently located inside KLIA2

Built from recycled materials

100% eco friendly and green hotel

Welcome to Capsule Hotel Klia2

Find the cheapest transit hotel in Klia2. Capsule hotel is a nature friendly hotel that is built on concept of space and budget. This hotel uses recycled materials as part of the hotel constructions. Capsule container hotel is a perfect place that is designed for frequent fliers at a fraction of a price compared to other hotels. Capsule Hotel in conveniently located inside Klia2.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Container Hotel

Capsule Hotel has long been very popular in places where there are limited space such as Japan. The concept is now available in Klia2. Capsule container hotel is designed based on limited space and green concept. Capsule Hotel materials are sourced from recyclable items such as containers and woods.

Although being built on limited space concept, Capsule hotel does provides comfort and convenience for frequent travelers at Klia2 airport. Capsules are seperated by female and male. Capsule Container Hotel is equipped with all facilities that guest will enjoy such as free Wi-Fi services, Capsule bar, lockers, showers and concierge.

Capsule Hotel Klia2 come with facilities such as Capsule bar, Shower area, Shoe storage area and Locker rentals while the reception is available for 24 hours.  This place is ideal for frequent travelers to freshen up and rest in between flights.